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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami, Jay Rubin When someone asks me what this book is about I always find myself in an awkward position. There are many stories and they all get so strangely intertwined that it is hopeless to try to convey it properly. Furthermore this book is sometimes a down to earth, realistic portrayal of every day life, only to get vortexed into strange, surreal events. The more you read though, the more you feel all this weird shit is perfectly natural. This novel is about life and love. About finding meaning in both and recognising that it's all a big mess. Many parts are about war, about the Japanese presence in Manchuria, about secret missions into Mongolia, about the life in a POW-camp in Siberia, as told by a strange old soldier. In fact, the books is chuckful of strange characters. It's lovely, really. It's about people spending time in wells. And somehow all that is related, usually in some messed up way. It's practically impossible to stop reading, because Murakami just sucks you up and leaves you begging for more. So yes, I'd recommend it.