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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling I'm the kind of person who tends to miss out on enormous global hypes, which is often a good thing if you look at some of the things that people rave about in gigantic numbers. I did read The Chamber of Secrets back when I was 14, for English class, and I did enjoy it but old me does not really trust 14-year-old me so much when it comes to matters of good taste. I also saw most of the movies, and, while not being all that great they had their charm, and not only because of Emma Watson. So I thought, Hell, let's just give them a try. I must say I finished this first one quite quickly, it was enjoyable, but basically I just saw the movie playing in my head (the first one is the one that I've probably seen the most), so I'm not quite sure yet what to think. To be continued.